Music and emotions…again

Once again, music has accomplished its God ordained function of aiding the expression of my emotions. Of late, for several reasons, my emotions have been somewhat flat…I feel as though I haven’t really been feeling much of anything.

But now, the playing of and listening to music has stirred my heart to a more healthy place. As I sit listening to Fernando Ortega sing “Let All Mortal Flesh” (a song I played on my violin a few days ago under the title “Coventry Carol”), I am moved to gratitude and love for my Savior. My heart begins to beat slightly faster; warmth overcomes me; a slight smile curls my lips; I can sense my eyes brighten and my affections rise.

Moreover, I have been able to express a number of emotions over the past few days that I have experienced over the past several months, but have previously not been able to express. Unexpressed emotions damage my heart. I have been able to articulate love to my wife more clearly. I have also been steady and gentle with a needed rebuke for which she thanked me most genuinely.

And I have felt hot anger. This I do not enjoy like the others, but the expression, the exhaustion of it has been refreshing. Hopefully, it is well-received.

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God-ordained happiness…

God has seen fit to use various means to bring happiness to people.

Today, several things have led me to rejoice.

My violin brings me joy. Specifically, that my fingers remember what to do with a violin brings me joy.

Eating meat with men brings me joy.

Studying the Scriptures with men (the same ones with whom I ate the meat…plus one) brings me joy.

Praying with and for brothers and sisters in Christ brings me great joy. I find praying for the absentee junior high pastor tonight to be most joyful.

My wife brings me joy…on many levels. Tonight, similar to above, I find praying for my wife to be most joyful.

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