Painstakingly translating Hebrew

After a summer of hardly looking at the Hebrew Bible, or any other Hebrew text (like vocabulary or verb charts…yea, those would have been a good idea), tackling Joshua 1:1-9 is…well…tough!

After about two hours, I made it through the nine verses for which I’m responsible tomorrow in class. Despite the slowness of my work and having to look up more than a few unfamiliar words, the recognition that my diligence is glorifying God, even as he works incredible patience in me, leaves me peacefully satisfied…and ready for bed!

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Another school year begins

Tomorrow begins my second year in graduate school! I’m slightly nervous and mostly excited. Starting my final semester of Hebrew is daunting, particularly since I didn’t work on it at all during the summer. Oh, well. Perhaps the Lord (and the professor) will be gracious to me and I will be able to catch up quickly.

I’ll be taking the following courses:
New Testament Theology: Dr. Douglas Moo
Intermediate Hebrew: Dr. Michael Graves
That’s all until mid-October; then I’ll tack on two more courses:
Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament: Dr. Lynn Cohick
Greek Exegesis of Colossians: Dr. Ben Gladd

I’m most excited about New Testament Theology and Colossians. Jewish Backgrounds should be fun and interesting. I’m dreading Hebrew. However, if, by God’s grace, I can do well in Hebrew now, I’ll be better prepared for the coming semesters in which I will be working more intensely with the Hebrew text. So, I intend to work as hard as I can. Perhaps I will experience what Paul talked about in Colossians 1:29–“For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me.” Indeed, anything good that any of us does is reflective of Jesus the Messiah (see v. 28) powerfully working in and through us. And learning Hebrew is only a means…a means to the same thing Paul was talking about in this passage, namely proclaiming Jesus the Messiah clearly and boldly (again, see Col. 1:28).

So, Hiho, Hiho, it’s off to toil joyfully, I go!

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