Mohler reflects on the life of Oral Roberts

NewsNote: The Death of Oral Roberts –

Al Mohler remembers Oral Roberts after his death at the age of 91. It is indeed difficult to measure a man’s legacy. Seeing that Oral Roberts accomplished many great things for the kingdom of God during his life, it remains difficult to celebrate these good deeds in light of the abominable false gospel he promoted so vigorously throughout his life. Knowing that this man has misled thousands, distorted the Scriptures (surely unintentionally), and also was used by God to bring many into a living relationship with Jesus Christ somewhat baffles me. I did not know the man, and I’ve hardly read anything he wrote or listened to anything he preached, so I dare not pass judgment on whether or not he now resides with Jesus or forever separated from Jesus. I know that Jesus himself said that many will say on the day of judgment that they performed many miracles in his name, but Jesus will turn them away, never having known them. Oral Roberts can say that he performed many miracles, perhaps hundreds or thousands of legitimate healings (and many were surely illegitimate). But one must wonder if Paul’s cursing of the false teachers in Galatia for preaching another gospel might unfortunately apply to Roberts and many others of our day who promote a sickly deficient message which trades limitless, eternal, priceless reward in receiving Jesus himself for eternity for the fading decadence this world has to offer. What a sobering thought! I pray that I will continually cling to Christ as my only treasure and count all of my possessions as loss. And I pray that I may be given grace to preach the true gospel of Jesus crucified, buried, and raised from the dead for the sins of the world faithfully, consistently, and powerfully until the day I die.

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